Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Green Girl

Alright. I admit it. I do have a favorite color. Well, two. Green and grey (yes, I like to spell it the "wrong" way). So yesterday I didn't have to work since Pamela, our new photographer for First Day Photo was shooting for me. I went on a glorious girls day out with my mom and did some long needed shopping/mall-going/people-watching (in the food court)/deal-finding/eyeglass trying-therapy. It was a blast. So we have this favorite resale shop/boutique called My Sister's Closet that we love to haunt since there are multiple locations. You can find the BEST stuff! Yesterday at the last store we went to, I found a cool Tiffany green/goldish flower print skirt that was the same brand that mom and I had just seen in the Macy's in the mall. Then I found this luxourious green dress with silk accents that just had to have been a $200-300 dress, which I stole for cheap! I also found a really awesome pair of brown Nordstrom heels and a vintage rhinestone pin. And right before I left, I spotted a Free People sweater in a lovely minty-julep color. Sublime..... So it turns out that the great dress had never been worn (tags still in), the shoes had been worn once of twice, I don't think the sweater had been worn either (it was too perfect), and the little pin was in superb condition. I got home and realized that I had picked up all of these items and that they all (except the Tiffany skirt) went together beautifully! I had bought a complete outfit out of pure coincidence. I love it when things like that happen. It makes me feel a little better knowing that the creative juices that seem to have drained out of my body are still there, but are just a bit sluggish. Ladies, I give you the rapturous green lovlies....

p.s. The necklace is one that I made the other day... before I went shopping (wierd, huh?)

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