Friday, May 15, 2009

Handmade Goodies

Girlies, go check out if you haven't. It's a place where you can find all handmade items. There is some really nice stuff here so go take a look...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Green Girl

Alright. I admit it. I do have a favorite color. Well, two. Green and grey (yes, I like to spell it the "wrong" way). So yesterday I didn't have to work since Pamela, our new photographer for First Day Photo was shooting for me. I went on a glorious girls day out with my mom and did some long needed shopping/mall-going/people-watching (in the food court)/deal-finding/eyeglass trying-therapy. It was a blast. So we have this favorite resale shop/boutique called My Sister's Closet that we love to haunt since there are multiple locations. You can find the BEST stuff! Yesterday at the last store we went to, I found a cool Tiffany green/goldish flower print skirt that was the same brand that mom and I had just seen in the Macy's in the mall. Then I found this luxourious green dress with silk accents that just had to have been a $200-300 dress, which I stole for cheap! I also found a really awesome pair of brown Nordstrom heels and a vintage rhinestone pin. And right before I left, I spotted a Free People sweater in a lovely minty-julep color. Sublime..... So it turns out that the great dress had never been worn (tags still in), the shoes had been worn once of twice, I don't think the sweater had been worn either (it was too perfect), and the little pin was in superb condition. I got home and realized that I had picked up all of these items and that they all (except the Tiffany skirt) went together beautifully! I had bought a complete outfit out of pure coincidence. I love it when things like that happen. It makes me feel a little better knowing that the creative juices that seem to have drained out of my body are still there, but are just a bit sluggish. Ladies, I give you the rapturous green lovlies....

p.s. The necklace is one that I made the other day... before I went shopping (wierd, huh?)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, I know that baking sounds ominous to some of you with thoughts of incinerated cookies wafting through your head. Well worry no more because I have found a super easy recipe for shortbread that you will die for.

I was planning a tea party for some girls and their moms last week, and decided to pop into Sur La Table to try and get ideas. It's so dangerous for me to go into places like that since I want to buy the whole store. My weakness is their baking items, and I ended up buying some buscuit cutters and a lemon zester/grater/garnish peeler, and a thermometer. As I meandered the store (for about two and a half hours) I ran across their shrinking number of cookbooks. I saw the title 'Cooking With Julia' by Dorie Greenspan and I had to pick it up. Inside was one of the best baking books I have ever picked up. Its content is based on the PBS cooking series that Julia hosted while she was alive. It is a wonderful compendium of baking knowledge for anyone interested in learning how to bake or bake better. Now, it is a little wordier than your average Rachel Ray cookbook, but it gives you the reasons and science to the recipes. It builds your knowlegde of baking and if you read through it, you can find the answers to a lot of questions about baking.

Ok, the recipe was super easy. I was very skeptical at first because I have tried Martha Stewart recipes before (not recommended) and this seemed like it could go that direction. But, nonetheless, I looked at all of the pictures and recipes before settling on the Hungarian Shortbread since it looked fairly simple. In short, all you do is make some dough, devide it in half, freeze it for a little bit and then grate it into the baking pan. There is some jam involved halfway through, but the whole thing was simple and the results fantastic!

If you an interested in the recipe, you can save some money by going out to Amazon where you can find the 481 page book for just under $17.00 including shipping and handling. I would recommend this book highly if you are at all interested in baking and want a good reference book with some lovely photos and great recipes. More to come as I try out more of the recipes. Happy baking!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tea Party

Well, this is the beginning of my new blog, "The "Other" Party Girl". It's a blog with ideas and tips for neat things to make, bake and enjoy and as a place for me to show photos of projects and other neat things that I make of find. Here is a little taste of things to come....

Hold onto your hat, Martha Stewart!